Panasonic Redefines Portability by Introducing The CF-07 Wearable Computer

Panasonic Redefines Portability by Introducing The CF-07 Wearable Computer


Panasonic announces the release of a revolutionary wearable personal computer, consisting of a Mobile Data Wireless Display and Toughbook CF-07 Mini PC – the cordless solution for a wired world.

A unique product in concept, technology and ergonomics, the Mobile Data Wireless Display is designed to give computer and network access to field-based professionals. Ideal for those working in areas such as public safety, telecoms & utility company field service, healthcare, construction, maintenance & inspection bays and insurance claims adjusters, as it replaces the need for paper, pencils, calculators, and radio communications for data interchange.

Designed to improve users productivity through added portability, the Mobile Data Wireless Display is based on proprietary, broadband, wireless technology which allows the screen to be instantly updated up to 50 metres away from the standalone Toughbook 07 Mini PC, or any notebook computer enabled with Wireless LAN. It also significantly reduces the amount of time needed to access and file work reports from the field in all areas of data entry and management.

Ultra-light, ultra-bright touchscreen and high-performance Windows driven computer module

The heart of the Mobile Data Wireless Display is an 8.4 inch SVGA transflective touchscreen display that combines ambient light, including direct sunlight and high-intensity backlighting to provide optimum screen brightness at all times and in all conditions. Used on a clear day, the screen provides a maximum brightness of 350 to 3,500 candelas (10,000 to 100,000 lx), reducing to under 20 candelas in dim or dark surroundings when backlighting is required. This makes it perfect for mobile professionals working under the noonday sun, service crews called out in a midnight storm, or quality control inspectors electronically filling out and filing checklists from a fluorescent lit factory floor.

Weighing just 698g and under one inch thick, the 8.7 x 6.3 inch transflective touchscreen is sealed and ruggedised for shock, vibration, 4 foot drops, dust and water, as well as hot and cold conditions and comes encased in magnesium alloy with a stylus for inputting.

The Mobile Data Wireless Display optional ruggedised Mini PC weighs only 920g and features an Intel Pentium III 300MHz CPU, 64MB of PC100 SDRAM, with a shock-mounted 5GB 1.8-inch hard drive in a 7.8 x 3.6 x 2 inch aluminium alloy case. Onboard ports include mini-USB, serial, DC-input, Wireless Display interface, and one Type II PC Card slot.

GPS functionality & LAN & WAN in an under 1.7Kg package

The Mobile Data Wireless Display offers a unique combination of wireless communication capabilities. In addition to an integrated internal GPS receiver and antenna option, the Mobile Data Wireless Display uses 802.11b wireless LAN communications to stream data and graphics from the Toughbook CF-07 Mini PC. There is also an optional wide area wireless module providing communications across GSM cellular networks.

In a statement Chris Bye, Panasonic’s UK Marketing Manager for PCs, cited the Mobile Data Wireless Display and Toughbook CF-07 Mini PC as the latest in a long line of Panasonic innovations. “Our products represent the sum total of our customers’ needs and requirements. One of the constant requests we have had is for greater portability and flexibility. We saw the emerging “wearable” computer category as an interesting approach to potentially achieving these requirements. However, when we looked at what was available on the market today, and the direction the industry appeared to be going we saw a glaring problem – wires everywhere. We felt that if we were to pursue a wearable form of PC, not only did we need to create a wireless device which would provide the portability required, but we also needed to offer real value.”