Vocollect Announces Second Successful Installation at Roundy’s, Inc.

Vocollect Announces Second Successful Installation at Roundy’s, Inc.


Vocollect, a world leader in providing voice powered solutions for business, announced that it has successfully completed a second Talkman® system installation at Roundy’s, Inc. in Lima, OH. Last year, Vocollect completed Roundy’s first voice system installation in Milwaukee, WI, at the company’s largest distribution center.

Vocollect provides voice solutions to many companies in various businesses, but particularly in warehousing and distribution industries. Vocollect’s Talkman products are wireless, wearable voice powered computers that help warehouse and factory workers increase order selection accuracy, productivity and speed, while allowing hands-free and eyes-free operation. The Talkman features dependable speech recognition technology that allows users to talk to the terminal, and in turn to the host warehouse management system, as freely and easily as they talk to each other. It is estimated that Vocollect-installed products execute more than 15 million voice transactions per day.

Roundy’s, Inc. is the nation’s eighth largest grocery wholesaler and employs 5,000 people in retail, wholesale, transportation and non-food operations nationwide. The Company’s nine divisions serve 12 states and over 800 grocery stores. The Ohio Grocery Division, located in Lima, houses frozen foods, meats, dairy products and other grocery items in its warehouse.

Roger Byford, president and CEO of Vocollect, said that Roundy’s is an important and valued customer. “Roundy’s has really been a partner as well as a customer,” he said. “Whenever we need to use a customer site for product testing, they are always there for us.”

Ron Miller, vice president of operations, Roundy’s Ohio Division, said, “Vocollect is the primary reason for our (Roundy’s) significant reduction of mispick and shortage errors, at the same time aiding in the increase of production as it pertains to order selection. Vocollect has been very attentive to Roundy’s through the modification and customization of their product to better fit our needs.”

Vocollect is a privately held company that has been engineering and manufacturing voice-directed systems since the company was founded in 1987. Today, it is the premier designer and marketer of wearable computers employing speech synthesis and speech recognition technology for warehousing and industrial applications, with thousands of units installed throughout North America, Europe and Australia. Vocollect provides turnkey systems — hardware, software and support — for customers in inventory-driven industries, food and retail product distribution, manufacturing and quality control.

Vocollect is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, and was recently named one of the Pittsburgh Technology Council’s 50 Fastest Growing Technology Companies for the second consecutive year.