Novatel Wireless Unveils Merlin G201 PC Card for Dual Band GSM/GPRS Wireless...

Novatel Wireless Unveils Merlin G201 PC Card for Dual Band GSM/GPRS Wireless Networks


Novatel Wireless, Inc., a provider of wireless data access solutions, today unveiled the Merlin G201™ GPRS (General Packet Radio Services) 900/1800 Wireless PC Card Modem for GSM/GPRS wireless networks in Europe and Asia. The Merlin G201 will enable voice and high-speed wireless data access to the Internet, email, and corporate databases at speeds up to 53.6 kbps in GPRS coverage areas, and to 14.4 kbps via circuit-switched data in GSM coverage areas. The product will be commercially available in the fourth quarter of this year.

“Novatel Wireless is working aggressively to build upon the leadership we established in North America earlier this year when we received the first FCC and Industry Canada Certification for a GSM/GPRS PC Card,” said John Major, CEO of Novatel Wireless. “With the addition of the Merlin G201, we will be able to offer our customers and distributors, especially in Europe, a range of wireless data products, each designed to be part of the GSM/GPRS Global Network.”

The Merlin G201 will work with all computing devices that feature a Type II PC Card slot and Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/Pocket PC operating system. Equipped with DataNet™ software, Merlin G201 provides the user with the ability to automatically or manually connect to the GPRS network, allowing the user to control the modem’s usage, airtime and power consumption. The card’s Short Message Service (SMS) capabilities allow the user to send and receive quick text messages.The Merlin G201 uses the familiar Microsoft dial-up connection that allows users to control their connection to the network providing one-step easy connection, saving battery life and time.

The Merlin G201 will offer standard GSM voice capabilities. Calls are originated on the laptop or Pocket PC. The user will be notified of incoming calls even when in a data session. The Merlin G201 will include a wearable headset with differential audio for crisp, clear sound.