The FIRST and ONLY Palm compatible Linux-based operating system for Palm IIIx...

The FIRST and ONLY Palm compatible Linux-based operating system for Palm IIIx and IIIxe


Empower Technologies Inc. announces the release of the world’s first major operating system (O/S) upgrade for Palm IIIx and IIIxe handhelds. Empower Technologies’ embedded Linux DA O/S DB v1.0 is faster, more powerful, and more robust than the original Palm O/S. Empower Technologies becomes the first and only corporation within the consumer electronics industry to replace the Palm O/S, providing Palm handheld users and other PDA manufacturers with an alternative O/S.

Linux DA O/S replaces the Palm O/S within the actual handheld device but still remains fully compatible with Palm’s hardware, proving that Linux DA O/S is a flexible and powerful operating system. Using the open source Linux kernel, Empower Technologies has designed Linux DA O/S to be the first Linux compatible O/S scaled down for the Motorola Dragonball CPU platform used by Palm handhelds.

A DEMO version of Linux DA O/S for Palm IIIx and IIIxe, along with a user manual, is now available for FREE download from Empower Technologies at The DEMO version includes Address, Schedule, Calculator, and game software applications.

Empower Technologies Inc. will soon be launching an e-commerce site to allow consumers to easily purchase the full version of the Linux DA O/S. The first 1,000 consumers to pre-order on the Linux DA web-site will receive a gift. Also, every pre-order received by August 1st will be eligible to enter a draw to win one of ten Palm IIIxe-compatible handhelds with embedded Linux DA O/S.

Linux DA is the dominant software platform for the Consumer Electronics Industry. With Linux DA, Empower Technologies’ vision is to create a common operating system compatible with all consumer electronics products, regardless of the manufacturer brand. This unique technology allows for complete connectivity among various consumer electronics appliances, satisfying end- consumers’ demands for increased communication and choice.