Sendo Enhances it’s S200 Mobile Phones with Offer of Personalization Service

Sendo Enhances it’s S200 Mobile Phones with Offer of Personalization Service


Sendo, the innovative global mobile phone manufacturer, announced it is the first handheld manufacturer to offer end-users the capability to apply full colour decorative images onto their S200 mobile phones.

The technology from e-comeleon Ltd combines interactive on-line systems with an advanced imaging process to enable any image, graphic or photo, in any graphical format, to be applied directly onto the outer case of the S200 mobile handset.

The S200 is a very small (89 cc) and light (98 grams) phone. The design concept of the S200 is unique: the front and back housing and keypad are fully user changeable, which makes the S200 the first mobile phone designed to allow end-users to fully customise it, including the look.

Grupo Edin’s Associate Marketing Director Fernando Munoz said: “We met Sendo during the CeBIT Fair where Sendo As of the beginning of August, customers can order their customised phone via the Sendo website,, where they are given a library of images to choose from. The site also has the ability to show the consumer how their phone will look once the image is applied.

From September, consumers will also be able to send in their own images, which then can be applied onto their S200. This makes the service ideal for not only personal use but it also gives the customer an option to create something special for friends or family in the form of a personalised present.

“Having the opportunity to chose or design the outer look of your own phone is the ultimate personalisation we can offer our end-users,” said Howard Lewis, Chief Operations Officer from Sendo. “Your mobile phone very much states who you are nowadays, being able to have your favourite picture or design printed on the outside of the phone means this statement can now be even bolder. We are pleased that we are able to announce this service with a partner like e-comelon.”

The service is available for customers in Western Europe at this moment. The first network to take advantage of this service will be Virgin Mobile in the UK. It will be extended to the rest of the world later this year. The online ordering, logistics and fulfilment is handled by e-comeleon and will take no longer than five days. The cost for a new look of your S200 will be £20.99 per cover, excluding packing and postage for a library image. The cost for a phone with your own image will be £29.99, excluding packing and postage.