Motorola and AT&T Wireless First to Deliver GPRS Phone and Service to...

Motorola and AT&T Wireless First to Deliver GPRS Phone and Service to U.S. Customers


Today, Motorola, a global leader in delivering high-speed data solutions, announced the availability of its Timeport(TM) 7382i, the first General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) handset in North America.

Motorola’s Timeport 7382i and AT&T Wireless’ new GSM/GPRS network, will be made available to Seattle businesses and will enable users to experience a faster, “always on” connection to the Internet for the first time.

The introduction of GPRS technology in the United States lays the foundation for a gradual evolution to “3G” or third generation wireless technology. GPRS, or 2.5G, is the leading standard being used by GSM network operators to evolve their systems to third generation wireless (3G). GPRS technology provides a fast connection to the Internet, providing the capability for “always on” access. In addition, GPRS technology can offer more efficient and cost effective mobile Internet access because data transmission is sent via packets, and carriers can charge by data sent or retrieved, not airtime incurred.

“AT&T Wireless is proud to be working with Motorola to put the next generation of wireless services into the hands of our customers,” said Rod Nelson, chief technology officer for AT&T Wireless. “We’re on schedule for our move to 3G. Today’s launch in Seattle is the first step on making the vision of mobile multimedia services a reality.”

“Motorola and AT&T Wireless are working together to make GPRS a real benefit for consumers. This means providing the ideal combination of service, applications and handsets,” said Tim Cawley, corporate vice president and general manager, North America Region, Motorola Inc. “Our Timeport 7382i is designed to provide consumers with the ultimate mobile communications experience — both superior voice features and enhanced access to the mobile Internet.”

Motorola’s Timeport 7382i

Motorola’s Timeport 7382i, the first GPRS handset commercially available in the United States, provides users with a faster, more efficient connection to the Internet and the ability to switch between data mode and voice calls without interrupting the data session. Additionally, the phone features voice activation, Voice Note voice recorder, a WAP-enabled microbrowser, IrDA connectivity and a data port for connectivity to an external device that does not support IrDA. With Starfish TrueSync(R) software, the Timeport 7382i provides one-step multi-point synchronization with many popular PIM devices, desktop applications and services.

Motorola introduced the world’s first GPRS handset, the Timeport 260 (also known as the Timeport 7389i in the United States), in Europe in March of 2000. Since that time, Motorola has introduced the V.series V66 and Talkabout 192g GPRS handsets in Europe, both of which it is poised to deliver in the United States. Rounding out Motorola’s portfolio of six GPRS handsets, are the full-featured Accompli 009, for delivery in the United States, and the Accompli 008, which is currently available in Asia and Europe.