Solagent ‘Secure Plus’ Allows Computer Users to Retrieve Data from Lost or...

Solagent ‘Secure Plus’ Allows Computer Users to Retrieve Data from Lost or Stolen Laptops


Solagent, Inc., the leader in Remote Data Protection technology today announced the market release of Solagent Secure Plus, the mobile and wireless computing industry’s first remote data protection technology that enables corporations, government agencies, and individuals to actually retrieve critical or sensitive data files from a lost or stolen computer.

“With Solagent Secure Plus not only can users remotely encrypt data and determine whether any files have been compromised on their laptop, but now they can retrieve those data files!” states Randy Andrews, founder of Solagent, Inc. No matter where the computer is located; no matter who is using it; even if it has been stolen, Solagent Secure Plus enables the owner to protect their privacy.

With its prior introduction of Solagent Secure in May 2001, Solagent(TM) created a new Technology category: Remote Data Protection (RDP(c)). Before the introduction of Solagent’s Remote Data Protection software, organizations and individuals were limited to hardware tracking services or software that could only identify where a stolen PC was located based on its login information. Furthermore, they had to hope that the computer would be recovered in order to get back their data with no assurance of how long it would be gone, who had accessed it while it was missing, and if it would be returned at all. “A study by the Computer Security Institute/FBI Computer Crime Security Division indicates that the average financial loss due to a laptop theft was $86,920 which means that more than just valuable hardware is being stolen,” notes Solagent CEO, Ken Stringer III. With the addition of the Secure Plus file retrieval feature, Solagent is pioneering the next generation in data security by putting the rightful owner of a stolen computer back in control.