Imation CDRW doubles as MP3 player

Imation CDRW doubles as MP3 player


Imation unveils its first MP3 CD-RW player called RipGo!, the USB-interface player can create CD-Rs and CD-RWs as well as playing digital music files stored on the media as well.

According to Imation, the new RipGo! is the smallest form factor available today for both recording MP3 music on CDs and for high-performance playback of CD, Digital Audio MP3 and Microsoft’s WMA. “Its sleek, battery-powered USB CD-RW drive uses mini (80mm) CD-R discs to store and play MP3 music files – allowing users to record three hours of MP3 quality music in less than five minutes. With multi-format audio capabilities, this drive has a playing time of three hours CD quality or six hours digital quality music.”

The player also features ESP system, a large LCD displa and an advanced AVSL system. The retail pricing of RipGo! is $399.99.