China Develops Worlds First 32-Bit CPU Chip

China Develops Worlds First 32-Bit CPU Chip


China has succeeded in developing its first 32-bit CPU, the “Fangzhou-1,” which is now available for batch production.

“Fangzhou” is the brand name of the CPU chips developed by China Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp..

“Fangzhou-1” is the first product in the “Fangzhou” family, and is an integrated CPU chip designed for wideband network applications.

It combined the core of a 32-bit “Fangzhou” RISC microprocessor and a large amount of electronics on the chip. It can be used in network computer products, as well as wideband terminals, set-top boxes, digital televisions, switchboards, routers and industrial controllers.

“Fangzhou-1” was manufactured using a 0.25-micron process.

It passed the appraisal committee, which is composed of 20 experts, including Song Jian and Zhu Gaofeng, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.