Scan CarDap FM Car Adaptor for MP3 Players

Scan CarDap FM Car Adaptor for MP3 Players


Got an MP3 Player or Portable CD Player Or a Minidisk Player (in fact any portable device with a standard earphone jack)? Also use for Commercial & Fun applications like 2 Way Radio – Emergency Services Radio – On your Boat or Caravan and can use with ANY other product you may have with a standard Earphone Jack Connector – The List is Endless.

How does it work?

Simply plug the scan cardap into your car’s cigarette lighter socket.

Plug the jack lead into your portable device (MP3/CDP or MD + any other)

Select a FM radio frequency which has no sound or less interference then preset that frequency on your car Stereo. (Ready for next time you use it)

Select the SAME frequency of the Scan CarDap to the Car Stereo.

Hit the Play Button on your portable Device and Enjoy your favorite music in your Car.

Its a single piece unit and can be stored in the glove compartment or even your pocket.