Prepaid Disposable Cellular Phone Under $40

Prepaid Disposable Cellular Phone Under $40


A totally disposable cellular (wireless) telephone. The phone features Safety and Security – Small, lightweight (5 ounces) and easy to carry wherever you go. No hassels with earpieces in order to make or recieve a call. Just pick it up, dial, and start talking. Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand. An essential accessory for every car, boat, RV or camper.

Perfect for children of all ages, and or employees on remote locations without telephone access. (No contracts or expensive Prepaid Cellular Phones to buy) or traveling on vacation or business, perfect gift for any occasion and great for business promotions.

Call in call out, just like those expensive phones costing twice as much. Pre-loaded with 60 minutes of FREE nationwide airtime and Roaming. Ready to use, just start talking. Use it and throw it away, or return it for credit on your next Disposable Phone purchase, because it is recyclable.

No contracts, no minimum usage, no monthly bills, no add-on charges, no set-up fees and no credit required. No concerns if lost, damaged or stolen.