New Handheld Devices Ideal for Music & Digital Photo Applications

New Handheld Devices Ideal for Music & Digital Photo Applications


Imation Corp., a worldwide leader in data storage and information management, has announced a new line of hand-held, portable digital devices, including the Imation RipGO!™, FlashGO!™, and DataPlay devices. The devices build on Imation’s growing line of portable personal storage solutions developed to meet the demand of personal entertainment devices that support smaller form factor storage offerings.

“Digital music and photography enthusiasts are looking for smaller and more functional devices, without sacrificing removable storage capacity,” said Stephen Carter, general manager of Imation’s Personal Storage Solutions business. “Imation is at the forefront of this movement with offerings in consumer devices that offer greater portability and compatibility among today’s smaller media formats.”

Designed to fit in the palm of your hand, the Imation RipGO! is the smallest form factor available today for both recording MP3 music on CDs and for high-performance playback of CD, Digital Audio MP3 and Microsoft’s WMA. Its sleek, battery-powered USB CD-R drive uses mini (80mm) CD-R discs to store and play MP3 music files—allowing users to record three hours of MP3 quality music in less than five minutes. With multi-format audio capabilities, this drive has a playing time of three hours CD quality or six hours digital quality music. Featuring its ESP system, large LCD display and an advanced AVSL system, the RipGO! is ideal for music enthusiasts at home or on the GO! The Imation RipGO! will be available in September at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $399.99 (actual pricing may vary).

The Imation FlashGO! device is the world’s first USB single-slot flash memory card reader/writer that supports all five flash memory card formats, including Compact Flash (Type I and II), Smart Media, Multimedia Card, Secure Digital, and Memory Stick, as well as IBM’s Microdrive. This bus-powered device allows multi-device owners to rely on one reader/writer for all of their memory card digital information download and upload needs. FlashGO! features the ability to adapt to future miniature storage formats, making it ideal for users who own multiple products with different storage memory card formats. FlashGO! will be available in August 2001 with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $79.99.

Imation will also showcase two DataPlay-enabled devices. Imation DiscGO! is a portable DataPlay device with USB connectivity that provides the exchange of digital content between multiple memory card formats and Imation DataPlay digital media without the use of a PC. The Imation USB DataPlay Recorder/Player provides stylish connectivity for PCs—allowing users to read and write personal content as well as play and view pre-recorded content from DataPlay digital media. Imation DataPlay digital media is designed to let users download and record 500MB of digital content—music, books, games, computer files—on a single disc and play it back on any DataPlay-enabled device, such as DiscGO!. A single Imation DataPlay digital media disc is capable of holding a staggering amount of information, whether it’s hours of music, hundreds of photographs or volumes of written information, all with an estimated archival life of 100 years. DiscGO! is slated for commercial availability in Q4 2001.