Pioneer Launches New Multi-Functional DVD Navigation System Navigation, Traffic Information and DVD...

Pioneer Launches New Multi-Functional DVD Navigation System Navigation, Traffic Information and DVD Video Playback in One Package


Pioneer, the established leader in car electronics products, today announced the launch of the AVIC-9DVD, the company’s first DVD-based navigation system for the U.S. and Canada. The DVD-based navigation system contains exclusive features such as real time traffic information and DVD video playback capability. Pioneer’s new navigation system demonstrates the increased speed and improved performance offered in the DVD format. The AVIC-9DVD features an 8.5 GB dual layer DVD-ROM that stores a detailed map of the U.S. and Canada on a single disc. The system runs 10 times faster than conventional CD-ROM-based navigation systems and provides instantaneous re-routing when guidance is not followed. It also includes a built-in 3D Hybrid Sensor, another exclusive technology to provide more accurate positioning.

“The Pioneer DVD navigation system can route the user to any destination in the country within seconds,” said Keith Burnett, vice president of marketing at Pioneer Mobile Entertainment. “By offering applicable tools such as real time traffic and DVD video playback, the AVIC-9DVD offers consumers unique features not available in other navigation systems.”

“Not only is this a great product for general consumers, but it will be extremely useful to truck drivers, salespeople and others who travel frequently for business,” Burnett said. A new technology that has been implemented into the AVIC-9DVD is the built-in 3D Hybrid Sensor, which is used as an altitude correction device. The 3D Hybrid Sensor allows the navigation system to monitor all three dimensions of the vehicle: height (up/down), speed (distance) and direction (left/right). The sensor acts as an inclinometer, sensing and correcting distance errors to provide pinpoint accuracy while the system’s algorithm detects areas such as tunnels and multi-level parking structures.

Key Features of the AVIC-9DVD:

Voice Recognition – enhanced voice control interface. This system allows easy verbal input of commonly used commands to simplify operation and enhance driver safety.
Traffic Information – real-time traffic using the CUE Radio Network System (optional) which can re-route the user around traffic situations. Receive traffic information, weather and news information using icons through the CUE receiver and service.

Video Playback – integrate into the vehicle’s audio/video system to function as a DVD video playback and CD audio source.

Quick Routing – calculates six routes at a time giving the user the ability to select a preferred route. Options include Fastest Route (time priority), Shortest Route (distance priority), Alternative Route, Fastest Time Avoiding Freeway, Shortest Distance Avoiding Freeway and Alternative Avoiding Freeway.
Search Modes – methods to seek destinations through the navigation system. Options include using addresses, points of interest (POI), vicinity, destination, registered point and telephone number search. More than one million points of interests are included.
Screen Graphics – simplified graphics system with three screen backgrounds that change as the user moves from menu to menu. “Main and Searching” contains a road and skyscraper background, “Setting” has an image of gears and “Information” has a vehicle in the background. There are also four graphical guidance modes, “Driver’s View,” “Map Mode,” “Arrow Main Mode” and “Map Main Mode.”
PC Card Slot – allows future upgrades as they become available.

The Pioneer AVIC-9DVD is currently available through authorized Pioneer retailers at a suggested retail price of $2000 plus the cost of a monitor. To find the closest retailer, check out the dealer locator on this web site or call 800-PIONEER.