FIC’s 1st-PDA with BlueTooth

FIC’s 1st-PDA with BlueTooth


FIC’s 1st-PDA, a cutting edge device designed to effortlessly bring the wireless mobile world to the customer. A highly cost-effective solution, it is powered by the StrongARM SA1110 CPU and features 32MB of system memory and 16MB of Flash memory, as well as a Compact Flash expansion slot.

Utilizing the advanced Ericsson Bluetooth chip, the 1stPDA’s wireless connectivity allows effortless connection to other Bluetooth enabled devices. Imagine being able to connect to the Internet anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re in the airport departure lounge, the bus or your local coffee shop, connection is simple and painless. Or do you want to print out that schedule on the nearest printer? Not a problem with Bluetooth connectivity.

The 1st-PDA features full support for multimedia functions such as MP3 and MPEG4, and offers superb graphics quality and resolution with its 3.6″ TFT LCD screen with integrated LCD controller.