Perception Digital’s unique Digital Signal Processor MP3 JukeBox

Perception Digital’s unique Digital Signal Processor MP3 JukeBox


With Perception Digital’s unique Digital Signal Processor (DSP), users can enjoy the convenience of directly encoding MP3 music WITHOUT the use of a computer. The DSP can also provide different types of sound effects to bring out the best quality in MP3 music.

There are 2 types of recording quality available, MP3 quality and voice quality. Music from CDs, cassette tapes, vinyl records or other sources can be recorded into MP3 files via the analogue line-in.

With this unique product, radio programs can be directed recorded with your choice of MP3 or voice quality. Wheras, personal messages or interviews can be instantly recorded via its built-in or line-in microphone into voice quality files. Equipped with Perception Digital’s own digital processing power, even a portable unit can record MP3 songs without a computer!

Its special features include:

– MP3 &, voice recording
– Built-in microphone for instant recording of personal messages, interviews and important events
– Maximum storage flexibility with SmartMediaTM Card. (32MP- 128MP)
– MP3 files transfer from computer via USB port
– Long battery life of 8 hrs. for playing & 6 hrs. for recording
– Advanced radio management program allows user to personalize their favourite channels
– User friendly LCD display
– Cool design & accessories