nGame Launches Their First Commercial Wireless Games Service in Canada

nGame Launches Their First Commercial Wireless Games Service in Canada


nGame Ltd., the leading channel, content and technology provider for wireless, PC-web and interactive television community-based games, today announced an agreement with Bell Mobility a division of BCE to provide nine wireless games for dot com ready phones.

This will be Bell Mobility’s largest collection of wireless games from a single wireless games provider.

nGame will provide some of its most popular titles, including “Alien Fish Exchange,” “Dataclash”, the Bafta (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) nominated “Merchant Princes”, “Carrier Force”, “Dragon Army” and “Chop Suey Kung Fu” for Bell Mobility users with dot com ready phones. nGame is also providing Bell Mobility with three of its most compelling casino games.

— Alien Fish Exchange is a humorous game wherein players manage a tank of alien fish, a futuristic luxury commodity, which need to be fed and cared for in order to encourage them to breed. The aim of the game is to breed 47 species of alien fish. Alien Fish Exchange currently has more than 270,000 users around the globe.

— Chop Suey Kung Fu is a humorous and rich multiplayer martial arts combat game and since launch over 630,000 sessions have been played. Players can choose to play against named individuals, if they’re online or against the computer.

— DataClash is a multiplayer card based combat game set in the cyberpunk world of warring hackers where players try to break through each other’s defenses using a selection of combat programs.

— The Bafta award nominated Merchant Princes is a medieval trading game set in Europe. Players take on the role of merchants, bringing cargoes of furs, spices, timber, cloth, fish or religious relics from far-flung places to the increasingly hungry consumers of Europe. On the way, they must deal with pirates and bandits, and still outwit their rivals to bring in the best goods at the best profits.

— In Dragon Army, a multiplayer, fantasy combat game, your Kingdom is under threat from an invading army. You must call upon your loyal followers to gather together and form an army to battle against your foe.

— In Carrier Force, control of the seas is crucial. Merchant ships transport supplies essential to the war effort across the ocean. Troops are transported to the front by sea. Planes launched from ships can attack targets, normally out of range. To win the war, you must battle for the sea in this multiplayer naval combat game.

— Craps, Roulette and Fruit Machine are some of the most realistic wireless versions of the most popular parlor and casino games currently available.

“We are pleased to be working with Canada’s leading wireless carrier on our first deal in the Canadian market,” said nGame CEO, John Brimacombe. “nGame is delighted to be delivering some of the most popular wireless games to Canadian users.”

Alex Green, Vice President of Business Development for nGame added: “nGame’s applications offer a fun and compelling wireless Internet video game experience and will help drive even more traffic to Bell Mobility’s Mobile Browser service.”