Zinc Matrix Power Launches it’s First Commercial Battery Product, The Silver Polymer...

Zinc Matrix Power Launches it’s First Commercial Battery Product, The Silver Polymer Battery


Newly developed Silver Polymer Batteries are in routine use at Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. (CME) and in pilot testing by a brokerage on the NYSE Trading Floor. This innovative new rechargeable battery allows handheld wireless network connected trading computers to run all day. Previously, floor traders had to use bulky belt mounted battery packs with power cords or swap out lithium ion batteries throughout the trading day.

In daily trading use at the CME. Mike Cheiky, the Chief Technology Officer at Zinc Matrix Power, Inc., which invented this new technology, says; “The Silver Polymer Battery has an energy to weight ratio comparable to today’s state-of-the-art rechargeable lithium batteries, but, because the silver and zinc reactants are much more dense than lithium and graphite, the Silver Polymer Battery packs much more energy and power into a given size, a feature which is very important in hand-held devices. Silver Polymer prototypes have achieved well over 2 kilowatts per liter, several times the power level of current lithium batteries. This ultra-high peak power ensures that a trading floor handheld can sustain continuous high speed wireless communications with its very demanding pulse power requirements right up to the closing bell, every day.”

Traders have enthusiastically adopted Silver Polymer batteries. CME Senior Wireless Systems Engineer, John S. Morris, said, “We recognized that the high energy demands of wireless networking combined with long trading days required a new battery technology. We worked closely with ZMP on requirements for performance, size, and ease of use to arrive at the current design. We are very pleased by the results.”

Zinc Matrix Power, Inc. (www.zincmatrix.com) is a venture-funded start up company founded to produce thin, high energy batteries especially designed for the demands of advanced handheld electronic devices and digital cameras. ZMP is now rolling out Silver Polymer technology for workgroup based handheld applications with consumer-oriented production to follow in 2002.

ZMP Silver Polymer batteries are used to power CME’s GALAX-C handheld wireless trading units that facilitate access to CME’s electronically traded contracts from the trading pit.