Preview of the Siemens S45

Preview of the Siemens S45


Siemens, after having won the third place from Ericsson in the classification of the manufacturers of mobile telephony, seems not to be able to stop in its advertising campaign that highlights well its ambitions. This S45 belongs to the high range in which Siemens is making its way using the high quality of its products.

Available in blue sapphire and silver diamond colour, its rounded design and the disposition of the keys give it an original aspect. This is also possible thanks to its backlit amber coloured display, having a colour that few manufacturer use, with the exception for Philips with its serious Azalis. It has a high-resolution and can show up to 7 lines of text.

This is a compact terminal with a line that we expect from a model of this range. As it regards the physical characteristics, its dimensions are of 105 x 46 x 17 mm. and the weight is of 93 grams. As visit card, the S45 presents the GPRS technology and the WAP navigation, in version 1.2, with much more improved security levels in comparison with its predecessors.

Besides Siemens has equipped this model with a specific key of navigation. Other distinctive sign is the flexible memory that allows to have more space for the names in index book or to store it so as to save SMS or notes. It doesn’t arrive at the 1000 locations of the model S40, however, it has 500 where it is possible to store 14 voices for each.