Terrapin MINE Personal & Portable Storage Solution

Terrapin MINE Personal & Portable Storage Solution


The ideal portable storage solution for home, corporate and industrial applications. If you can store it digitally, MINE can handle it!!

This simple to use device offers enough storage capacity to hold thousands of digital photographs and audio tracks together with any other digital information that you wish to keep.

Mine is also a full function digital audio player/recorder, a digital photo album system and a vast data-bank and data-backup tool designed to make information management simple.

The real strengths of mine are apparent as soon as you take it online. As a dedicated Internet device, mine gives you the power to distribute, share and exchange data securely from anywhere in the World, and to automatically backup and synchronize the digital information it stores with your online archive.

With at least 10 Gigabytes of storage space for your personal files and business projects, mine gives you the power of digital information at your fingertips. Be in total control wherever you are.

Mine can be used as a data-bank for storing large amounts of digital information, and as a backup device for all of the information stored on your PC. mine can plug- and-play with any Windows 98, Windows 2000, or Windows ME PC with no need to restart either device.

Transferring data between mine and a PC is extremely fast and could not be easier. The PC immediately detects mine as an external hard disk drive so you can transfer data to and from mine in exactly the same way you already do when copying files to and from a floppy disk–simply dragging and dropping the files where you want them.