Vita Nuova to ship Inferno on the Compaq iPAQ

Vita Nuova to ship Inferno on the Compaq iPAQ


Vita Nuova will be demonstrating a Compaq iPAQ running the Inferno operating system at the USENIX Annual Technical Conference 2001 in Boston on June 28th-29th. The demonstration will show a full Inferno port including wireless networking, the Inferno virtual machine, Tk graphics, web browser with HTML3.2 and JavaScript 1.1, and a full development environment all running in under 3Mb of flash (uncompressed). In addition a number of distributed applications will be on show emphasizing Inferno’s ability to aid the construction of distributed applications. Unlike so many operating systems Inferno was designed with distribution in mind. Uniquely, it can operate as a native OS on devices such as the iPAQ but can also run as an application on existing operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Solaris.

The iPAQ port is part of a new release of Inferno being made available July 2001, which includes many changes to Inferno, both large and small.

“The Compaq iPAQ port offers software developers an alternative to the royalty based operating systems normally found on the iPAQ.” Commented Michael Jeffrey, CEO of Vita Nuova. “However, the choice of operating system is not simply one of cost. Inferno can dramatically reduce the development time normally associated with distributed application development by providing exactly the same environment on both native platforms like the iPAQ and existing systems running Windows, Linux, Solaris and others”.

Inferno boxed sets (including source code CD) can be purchased from as little as $150. The Inferno licence is not open source but does allow royalty free binary distribution and access to all the source code to the system – which you can modify. The iPAQ port will be made available free of charge to anyone who has purchased Inferno.