Panasonic Unveils PC with Wireless Display

Panasonic Unveils PC with Wireless Display


Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd., best known for its Panasonic brand name, on Tuesday unveiled its latest portable PC, the ProNote Air FG, which features a wireless touch-screen LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) that can be used within a 50-meter range of the PC body.

The product will be exhibited at TechXNY, formerly PC Expo, which starts in New York City on June 26. On Wednesday, Matsushita will start taking orders for the product from customers in Japan, North America and Europe.

The ProNote Air FG incorporates support for the IEEE 802.11b wireless networking standard. In the event that the wireless connection is disrupted, the display, which is equipped with 8M bytes of SDRAM (Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory), can hold up to 100 pages worth of information in its memory.

The display panel is also water resistant and both the handheld screen and PC base station can withstand drops of up to 120 centimeters, Matsushita said.

Matsushita is targeting the ProNote Air FG at users operating remotely, such as workers at construction sites where it is difficult to take most PCs.