NEC Computers Inc. Introduces First Ultraportable Notebook with Indoor/Outdoor Viewable Display and...

NEC Computers Inc. Introduces First Ultraportable Notebook with Indoor/Outdoor Viewable Display and Transmeta-Based Processor


NEC Computers Inc., a leading provider of mobile, desktop and server computing solutions for the enterprise market, today unveiled the new NEC Versa® DayLiteTM, the first ultraportable notebook computer to combine the energy-efficient TransmetaTM CrusoeTM processor, an advanced lithium polymer battery, and a unique new illuminated reflective display.

Building on a history of innovation, the Versa DayLite integrates a new illuminated reflective display that provides mobile professionals with the power-saving advantages of a reflective display for outdoor use, and the illumination necessary for use at night or indoors. Using a switch on the display panel, users can rely on environmental light to brighten the reflective display, or adjust the screen setting to augment workspace lighting levels. The dual-functionality of the new Versa DayLite makes it ideally suited for field service professionals who require a lightweight notebook that can adapt to both outdoor and indoor environments.

“NEC Computers is one of the first major mobile solutions provider to address the growing number of vertical markets seeking ultraportable notebook systems designed specifically for outdoor computing,” said Larry Miller, vice president of marketing, NEC Computers. “With the introduction of the new Versa DayLite, customers now have the freedom and flexibility of a lightweight mobile solution that works indoors and outdoors.”

NEC Versa DayLite: Delivering Unique Power-Saving Features The new Versa DayLite is engineered with the Transmeta Crusoe processor to leverage the chip’s advanced Code MorphingTM Software and LongRunTM Power Management capabilities which match system performance levels with application demands to significantly lower power consumption and extend battery life. This functionality is key for mobile professionals who are typically working away from an AC power source for an extended period of time.

Weighing 3.3 pounds (without external drives) and with a profile of 1.25-inches, the Versa DayLite uses an internal lithium polymer battery, a rechargeable battery technology that uses space-saving gelatinous polymer cells to supplement the removable lithium ion battery and increase the system’s total battery life.

By combining the illuminated reflective display with the Crusoe processor and lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries, the Versa DayLite can power everyday applications for up to 7.5 hours with the illumination turned off, and up to 4 hours with the illumination turned on at maximum screen brightness1.