Ricoh and Pretec Team Up to Show 640MB CompactFlash Card

Ricoh and Pretec Team Up to Show 640MB CompactFlash Card


The largest capacity CompactFlash card in the world, 640MB from Pretec Electronics Corp. has been tested and approved by Ricoh Co. Ltd. in Japan to be compatible with Ricoh RDC-i700 and RDC-i500 (2048 x 1536, 3.34 megapixel) digital cameras running current firmware.

Ricoh’s RDC-i700 is the World’s first network and Internet–ready digital camera. With RDC-i700’s excellent image capture and build-in communication capabilities, this camera provides the ability for users to send and receive images via email and to browse the Internet. RDC-i700 was selected by Time Magazine as “Invention of the year 2000” in the Consumer Technology category in it’s December 4, 2000 issue. When equipped with Pretec CompactModemä or CompactLANä card, RDC-i700/RDC-i500 combines digital imaging and the power of the Internet so that the user may capture still pictures, sounds or videos and instantly share them with anyone, at anytime, from anywhere. Pretec’s 640MB CF card provides needed capacity for RDC i700, taking approximately 527 pictures under the highest resolution mode or 1500 pictures for XGA resolution, or 3900 pictures for VGA resolution, and capturing up to one (1) hour moves in AVI format.

“High capacity flash card is an important part of the image communication on the run, the combination of Pretec 640MB CF card and Ricoh RDC-i700/RDC-i500 provides excellent choice of image capture and communication for business users such as Journalists/Reporters, Real Estate Brokers, Insurance Agents, Law Enforcement Officers, etc.” said Jeff Lengyel, Manager of Wireless Imaging. “We are pleased to team up with Pretec to offer Dependable Digital TM solutions for the mobile business communities”.

In addition to the approved Pretec CF memory cards ranging from 8MB, 16MB, 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 256MB , 320MB and 640MB, Pretec 56Kbps CompactModem card and 10Mbps CompactLAN card have all been approved by Ricoh as excellent image communication companions working with RDC-i700 and RDC-i500 Industrial and Military grade 640MB CF card is also available from Pretec. Designed with precision mechanics, and full metal protection, the breakthrough product sustains a wide range ( -40℃~125℃) working temperature and offers ultimate level of new data protection and security features to prevent user’s image files, software, crucial data and products from being damaged. The card supports ATA/True IDE standard and consumes low power when operating, ideal for the applications used in harsh environment such as military aircraft, medical instrumentation, transportation vehicles, test and measurement equipments. The new ruggedized 640MB CF card is another excellent track record of Pretec’s relentless pursuit of innovation.