Nokia to deliver new GPRS phone to the Americas

Nokia to deliver new GPRS phone to the Americas


Nokia today announced that its first GPRS (General Packet Radio Service)- enabled wireless phone is expected to be available in the Americas by the end of 2001. The feature-intense Nokia 8390 (GSM/GPRS 1900) combines the newest high-speed packet data technology with the signature style that has become the hallmark of Nokia’s wireless products.

GPRS technology allows users to stay connected to the Internet using packet switching technology that transmits information via short bursts, or packets. This allows for faster downloads of information and no time spent completing a dial-up connection. Users can stay connected to their favorite information and entertainment services, and are able to stay logged in to the Internet or e-mail account without having to maintain a continuous phone call.

“As the next step on the road to the third generation, GPRS will bring a new level of wireless connectivity that will deliver advanced wireless services that consumers in the Americas want and need.” said K-P Wilska, president of Nokia Inc.. “Equally as important as the new GPRS technology used in the Nokia 8390 is that, as a Nokia product, this phone is also designed to be intuitive to the user. After all, technology is only valuable if people can easily use it in their everyday lives.”

The GPRS-enabled Nokia 8390 can quickly access data by using its Wireless Access Protocol (WAP) mobile Internet browser, or by connecting to a PC using its integrated infrared port. The Nokia 8390 supports the most recent WAP release, WAP 1.2.1, which enables the possibility of ‘push’ services like continuous news updates. Allowing for a more convenient mobile Internet experience, this newest WAP release also allows for the optional use of ‘cookies’, so that information from a previous session can be recalled without entering information for a second time.

Additional product details will be released during Fall Comdex 2001 (November 12 – 16th, Las Vegas) where the new phone will be demonstrated and available for viewing.

Note: Some features depend on network capabilities