NASA to Launch Kodak Professional DCS 760 Digital Camera On Space Shuttle

NASA to Launch Kodak Professional DCS 760 Digital Camera On Space Shuttle


Kodak Professional today announced that the National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) has chosen to carry the Kodak Professional DCS 760 camera on board its upcoming STS108 space shuttle mission to the International Space Station orbiting the Earth. The images captured by the multinational crew of astronauts with the DCS 760 will be used for research and development of surveys and maps, and to capture internal images of the space station and its crew members. NASA plans to fly its first DCS 760 up to the space station on a shuttle mission currently scheduled for November 29, 2001.

“Space is the harshest environment known to humankind and we believe NASA is choosing Kodak cameras because the DCS 760 presented the most complete package available,” said Madhav Mehra, Worldwide Director, Digital Capture Product Development, Kodak Professional. “Its high resolution images, six-megapixel CCD, and audio and firmware download capabilities were instrumental in NASA’s selection of the camera for its upcoming missions. We are confident that NASA will be thrilled by the versatile performance and reliability of the Kodak Professional DCS 760 digital camera on this important mission.”

NASA has used Kodak Professional products for several years to capture and transmit some of the most dramatic images taken in space to audiences across the globe. Initially, Kodak customized the DCS 460 for NASA’s specialized needs, by adding in extra RAM to increase burst depth. More recently, NASA had been using the predecessor of the current model, the Kodak Professional DCS 660 digital camera, for taking pictures in space.

Designed specifically for “mission-critical” professional photographers, the portable, easy-to-use DCS 760 digital camera features a higher burst rate of 1.5 frames per second and burst depth of up to 24 images. It has an innovative LCD display with exceptional brightness and contrast, a broader viewing angle, and access to unique functions via its new graphic user interface (GUI). Kodak Professional delivers exceptional post-shoot image management and workflow through its Proprietary Kodak Professional DCS Photo Desk and Camera Manager software, its Picture Protection functions that save and protect raw image data, and its vastly improved IEEE 1394 connectivity to speed image transmission.

The DCS 760 is another world-class demonstration of how Kodak both influences and participates in infoimaging – the $225 billion industry created by the convergence of image science and information technology to create new opportunities. Infoimaging describes images enabled by technology, improving communication and commerce, and creating significant new revenue and market opportunities for businesses. The Kodak Professional DCS 760 digital camera is available from authorized dealers of quality Kodak Professional digital cameras worldwide.