Storage Solutions Keep Growing

Storage Solutions Keep Growing


External storage solutions are vital to handheld afficionados, and the latest major-size additions are Pretec Electronic’s 640 MB CompactFlash and SanDisk’s 128 MB SDCard.

The battle between the different standards for storage expansion in mobile devices is a hard one, and for us ordinary mere mortals it’s not easy to choose what is the best solution from a battlefield consisting of SDCards, MMC cards, Memory Sticks, CompactFlash cards, special Springboard modules – you name it, they’ve got it.

And now, there’s even more to choose from. Not formats this time, but sizes, as it turns out that Pretec Electronics is about to churn out a 640 MB CompactFlash card, while SanDisk has plans for a 128 MB SDCard. Still, they’ll both have trouble beating IBM’s MicroDrive using a miniature hard drive with the CompactFlash expansion format – the largest model can store as much as 1 GB of data.