Portsmith, Inc. Announces the Release of Its Newest Ethernet Connectivity Solution for...

Portsmith, Inc. Announces the Release of Its Newest Ethernet Connectivity Solution for Palm Handheld Computers


Portsmith, Inc., today announced the release of its latest Ethernet Cradle for Palm handheld computers.

Designed for Palm III and VII series handhelds, the new cradle offers location-independent, synchronization-level access to critical data from anywhere within the enterprise.

Portsmith Ethernet Cradle products are designed to seamlessly integrate into existing network infrastructures. Compatibility, ease of use, and minimal support requirements make cradles the preferred method of connecting handhelds to the corporate network.

In recent months, handheld device manufacturers have been scrambling to bring their products into the corporate space. Portsmith President and CEO Holmes Lundt says, “Two key elements must exist for this to happen. First, users need applications that are relevant to their work enterprise. Second, they need a way to connect to and access corporate information.” Many software companies are now adapting their products to be used on handhelds in conjunction with the full-scale applications that reside on the network. Lundt goes on to say, “Vertical markets have been driving the recent surge in development of handheld software applications. Combine this with the fact that many device manufacturers do not currently provide a network connectivity solution for their products, and it creates the perfect environment for companies like Portsmith that develop high quality, third party connectivity solutions.”

Portsmith’s Cradle for the Palm III and VII series handhelds is the second addition to their growing family of handheld cradle products. It is also compatible with the IBM c3, Symbol SPT 1500, and the 330 and TRG Pro models from Handera. The cradle will sell for $199 retail and will be available in June, 2001. The products are available through outlets such as CDW, Insight, PC Zone, and Ingram Micro.