Fujitisu’s ‘Thin and Light’ Notebook First to Offer DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive

Fujitisu’s ‘Thin and Light’ Notebook First to Offer DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive


Fujitsu PC Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited, is now shipping its new “thin and light” LifeBook™ S Series notebook targeted at mobile professionals requiring a lightweight and high-performance computing solution.

With an ultra-compact form factor measuring just 11.34 inches wide by 8.92 inches deep by 1.3 inches high and weighing under four pounds, the LifeBook S Series is one of the few thin and light two-spindle notebooks with a built-in flexible bay available on the market today.This compact flexible bay, found exclusively in FPC’s LifeBook S Series, allows users to swap bay devices to change configurations on the go.

In addition, FPC is one of the first manufacturers to offer a modular DVD/CD-RW combo drive specifically designed for the flexible bay. This optical drive option gives the user the ability to watch DVD movies or store data by burning CDs.

FPC’s customers also can select a CD-ROM, DVD, CD-RW drive or second bay battery to fit into the flexible bay, instead of the combo drive. Mobile professionals requiring prolonged battery life can extend battery life up to eight hours1 using both the main and second batteries.

The LifeBook S Series is available in two recommended configurations. It can also be customized for users requiring a tailored mobile computing solution by utilizing FPC’s Configure To Order (CTO) program. The notebook is available through FPC’s retail and reseller channels2 as well as at www.fujitsupc.com or 1-877-372-3473. Pricing starts at $2,399.

Both the recommended and customizable models feature a low-voltage, mobile Pentium® III 750MHz processor with Intel® SpeedStep™ technology. This advanced processor incorporating SpeedStep technology allows the LifeBook S Series to easily manage today’s most intensive applications without draining battery life.

In addition to the new processor, the “thin and light” notebook can be ordered with a 30GB or 20GB hard drive standard. This increased storage capacity affords the mobile professional the ability to store large presentations and other miscellaneous items on the notebook’s local drives without the need to access a central server while on the road.

The LifeBook S Series comes standard with 12.1 inch XGA TFT display for easy viewing, a large and comfortable keyboard for accurate data entry, a touchpad with scroll button for easy Internet browsing and a port replicator that further expands the number of ports offered the user.

An expanded selection of connectivity services includes a new integrated V.90 56K3 modem and IEEE 1394 connection with S-Video out combo port. The other connectivity option is an integrated modem and 10/100 base-Tx Ethernet combo port. Both options allow for communication in any type of environment. The notebook also features one Type I or Type II PC Card slot, making the LifeBook S Series “wireless ready” with the assistance of a third-party wireless PC Card modem.

FPC will continue to integrate a built-in Smart Card Reader4 and a pre-boot data Security Panel as a theft deterrent into select notebooks, including the new LifeBook S Series. The pre-boot data security panel supplies more than 800,000 possible passwords to ensure the proper user’s data will be safe and secure. The built-in Smart Card Reader provides users a range of applications, such as secured online transactions, personalized authentication services, access to personal data and “e-cash” storage options. FPC’s Smart Card Reader needs to be complemented by an optional Smart Card Holder and third-party software to process data.

The LifeBook S Series is available with either Microsoft ® Windows® 98 Second Edition or Windows 2000 Professional.

“Recognized as an innovative and cutting-edge mobile computing solution, our LifeBook S Series continues to push the envelope in the ‘thin and light’ market,” said Sara Nelson, FPC’s vice president of marketing. “With adoption of high-speed processors, massive hard drives, inventive connectivity options and a flexible bay, we feel mobile users will find the latest version of the LifeBook delivers an unprecedented level of computing functionality.”