Trimol Group and Aluminum-Power Open Fuel Cell R&D Center

Trimol Group and Aluminum-Power Open Fuel Cell R&D Center


Trimol Group, Inc. announced today that in collaboration with Aluminum Power Inc., it has opened an International Fuel Cell Research and Development Center for the continued development of its aluminum-air fuel cell technology, which the Company licensed from Aluminum Power for use in portable consumer electronics.

“This new R&D Center will facilitate the execution of prototype development, sampling and evaluation” advised Donald W. Kirk, Ph.D., the Company’s Chief Scientific Officer.

Aluminum Power, a fuel cell development company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has been aggressively developing the aluminum-air fuel cell for the past five years. The new facility is located in Toronto and is the product of a joint effort between the Company and Aluminum Power who will share the space and work jointly on the development of the aluminum-air fuel cell technology.

“I believe that the joint research and development efforts of Trimol Group and Aluminum Power will be instrumental in key product development for both companies” stated Vijay Sharma, President of Aluminum Power.

The Company’s work at the R&D Center will focus on the development of the aluminum-air fuel cell technology for use in portable consumer electronics, while Aluminum Power’s focus will be toward developing power sources for larger applications such as stationary and back-up power systems and portable generators. The R&D Center houses a prototype assembly facility and a spacious laboratory together with a full complement of research and development staff including mechanical engineers, design engineers, research and development scientists and support staff.

In addition to its immediate use as a technology development facility, the Company believes that its R&D Center could provide an easily accessible facility for both companies to ready products for future full scale production and commercialization.

The Company has a number of product prototypes under development and it anticipates that its first product will be an aluminum-air cell for mobile telephones followed by a high-capacity power source for laptop computers.

Rafael Ferry, the Company’s Vice President of Marketing believes “the new R&D Center takes the Company to a new level of development and will assist the Company in securing additional joint venture and development partners, similar to the agreement entered into with SAGEM.” As previously announced by the Company, it has entered into a Cooperation Agreement with SAGEM SA, a leading European manufacturer of sophisticated electronic systems and equipment, to jointly develop aluminum-air fuel cell applications for SAGEM portable electronics.