Amospheric Colour System Provides Surround Light

Amospheric Colour System Provides Surround Light


For those who might not want to go through the effort of lighting their apartment up in the pink tones of a brothel to watch a DVD of “Moulin Rouge” only to have to redo the entire scheme in pale yellows and heavenly white when logging onto a votive website, there’s Surround Light from Color Kinetics.

The new atmospheric color system activates panels of light emitting diodes to project color combinations onto walls and ceilings to match the moods and stimuli of movies, web sites, music CDs, and video games. If your computer game avatar drives your 007 amphibious car through a burning pier shed and into a river to escape the bad guys, the lights will erupt in a kaleidoscope of yellow and orange that fills the room and then suddenly you’ll be swallowed by darkening blues as you sink deeper into the water.

Mad Doc software, a computer game maker, is already selling a Star Trek II: Armada game that’s compatible with Color Kinetics’ technologies. When you declare a RED ALERT, your entire bedroom…err, bridge…will pulse red, just like in Star Trek.