Compaq iPAQ with Bluetooth AND Smartcard Reader

Compaq iPAQ with Bluetooth AND Smartcard Reader


Tactel reveals a new add-on for the iPAQ, a combination of Bluetooth and smartcard. The solution is integrated in the jacket and leaves the Compact Flash card slot available for e.g. Memory, Bar code scanner etc. With this solution you could access the net over a BT mobile phone and actually but a product using a standard smart card. All smart cards funcionality could f cours be used.

You can now access Internet services through a WAP and/or a WEB browser practically anywhere in the world. This leads to a truly Mobile Internet, since you get a fixed line with up to 44kBit Internet connection using GPRS. Imagine what an interesting range of opportunities opens up when you can get relevant information wherever you are (also sensitive to time and geographic location).

• You could get the weather report, sport news and traffic situation every morning at 7.55 a.m. It will be there when you look at the Palm.
• You could handle your e-mails on your PDA all the time.
• You could receive up-dates on stock prices or other Internet information you are interested in whenever you want.
• With the upcoming software you could handle, both incoming and outgoing, calls on the PDA controlling the mobile phone
• You could play games, chat etc between PDAs located anywhere in the world connected with GPRS.
• Where games are concerned, a combination with several players becomes possible, and the participants can be nearby or far away.