SimpleTech Launches Photostor Digital Photo Album

SimpleTech Launches Photostor Digital Photo Album


SimpleTech, Inc. (Nasdaq: STEC), a technology solutions provider offering products based on DRAM, SRAM, Flash memory and storage technologies, today introduced its PhotoStor Digital Photo Album, a key addition to its family of value pack products. Advancing SimpleTechxs commitment to offer complete solution kits that help consumers master the digital media experience, PhotoStor combines a unique mix of products that make it easy for novice digital photo buffs as well as seasoned professionals to capture, edit, store and share of thousands of digital images.

The cost-effective PhotoStor experience begins with SimpleTechxs 32MB Compact Flash card, with enough capacity to capture approximately 100 jpg-quality digital pictures. Next, SimpleTechxs FlashLinkx card reader, which connects to the userxs PC, allows for the transfer of captured images from the CompactFlash card to the PC using a USB standard interface at 30 times the speed of a standard serial port. Third, using the value packxs MGI PhotoSuite III SE software, a popular digital darkroom product, the user may enhance, edit and catalog the transferred digital images.

Finally, the edited images as seen on the PC may be sent to SimpleTechxs 4GB DrivePak, an external portable USB drive that stores and organizes thousands of images in an easy-to-use digital album format. The DrivePak storage unit not only allows for easy transfer of the edited digital images to and from USB-enabled computers, but also avoids taxing the internal storage space of the userxs PC.

xWith a suggested retail price of $199, PhotoStor takes the mystery out of digital photography and helps any photo buff to become a creative and fully equipped digital photographer,x said SimpleTech product manager Charles Hayes. xPhotoStorxs 4GB storage capability is equivalent to sixteen 250Mb Iomega (Nasdaq:IOM) ZIP disks and six 650Mb read/write CDs. Using the PhotoStor concept, we can expand to up to 30GB of storage to meet market demand – and the same tool can also be used to capture and store MP3 music.x According to Jeanclaude Toma, vice president of marketing for SimpleTech, PhotoStor combines completeness of solution, ease of use, and cost savings in a product that photographers at all levels can understand and enjoy. xPhotoStor is a perfect example of the way SimpleTech can maximize the synergies of its broad product mix to provide complete solutions to digital image management,x Toma said.