Olympus Announces the First Digital Voice Recorder/MP3 Player Geared for Business Users

Olympus Announces the First Digital Voice Recorder/MP3 Player Geared for Business Users


Olympus America Inc., Consumer Products Group, a leading consumer electronics manufacturer, today announced the DM-1, the first digital voice recorder/MP3 player geared for business users. The DM-1 supports removable SmartMedia cards for up to 22 hours of voice recording time or over one hour of MP3 or WMA music recording time on the included 64MB SmartMedia card. The DM-1 is geared for consumers and corporate road warriors, as well as students, journalists, doctors, and lawyers.

The DM-1’s MP3 music player provides high-quality music with a built-in WOWÔ sound system by SRS Labs for the production of rich bass, clear three-dimensional stereo sound and user-selectable 5-setting equalizer for settings from classical to rock. The DM-1 is the first MP3 player in the world to feature the WOW system. For music listening & organizing on the computer, easy-to-use MusicMatch jukebox software is included.

The DM-1 uses the same SmartMedia that has been used in popular Olympus digital cameras. The DM-1 comes with a 64MB card, but is compatible with all SmartMedia cards up to 128MB. Downloading speech files to a PC is quick and easy. The DM-1 can be attached to a PC by the included USB cable. Also, the SmartMedia can be removed and downloaded to a PC by a variety of SmartMedia download devices.
The DM1 supports both MP3 and WMA (Windows Media Audio) music files.

The DM-1 includes three folders for voice file management, capable of storing up to 199 messages per folder. Messages can be moved from one folder to another for easy organization. The DM-1 has 2 recording modes, SP mode when speech-to-text applications are used; and LP mode when a longer recording time is needed. An LCD display is provided to check remaining recording time, the date & time, voice activation mode, play mode (SP/LP), and battery status. A Microphone Sensitivity Selector and voice activation for hands-free recording are also included.

Olympus uses compact .DSS (Digital Speech Standard) files, which are 12 – 20 times smaller than standard .WAV sound files, and are optimized for voice applications. DSS files are also ideal for sending email to colleagues or transcription services. Transcription can also be done manually with an optional transcription accessory kit including a foot-switch and headset. Users can download the entire contents of the recorder, one specific folder or even one specific recording.

In addition, the DM-1 enables you to manage all of your dictation with the DSS Player Dictation Software. The software can automate many manual functions, such as auto-detection and auto-download of dictation from the DM-1. All you have to do is attach the DM-1 to your USB port.
“We are very excited about the release of the DM-1,” said Keith Swiderski, Product Manager, Olympus America, Consumer Products Group. “The DM-1 is perfect for business users who need a digital recorder, but also want to take advantage of MP3 music. With 64MB of memory, you can make hours of high quality voice recordings and still carry your favorite music along for the ride.”

The DM-1 is the latest in a long line of Olympus innovative award-winning digital voice recorders, such as the DS-320, a digital recorder with over five hours of recording time bundled with IBM’s ViaVoice speech recognition software. The DS-150, released in April of 1999, was well received for its ease of use and affordable price. It was chosen as a preferred mobile solution for IBM ViaVoice, and was also bundled as part of L&H Voice Express Mobile Professional.

The D1000, released in June of 1998, won numerous industry awards for its enhancement of the mobile office, including the coveted PC Computing MVP Award, November 1998; Popular Mechanics, Editor’s Choice Award, January 1999; and Popular Science, “Best of What’s New,” November 11, 1997.

The DM-1 will be available in June 2001 for a Suggested Retail Price of $349, Street Price $299. It comes with a 64MB SmartMedia card, DSS Player software, MusicMatch software, USB cable, carrying case with belt clip and stereo headphones.