Motorola Introduces Canada’s First GPRS Devices

Motorola Introduces Canada’s First GPRS Devices


Motorola Canada Limited today introduced an exciting new line-up of communication devices that will help push Canada toward the next generation of wireless. Motorola’s cell phones and personal communicators are the first General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)- capable devices to be available for Canadian consumers. The Motorola collection of innovative GPRS devices will be launched into the Canadian marketplace this summer.

General Packet Radio Service, (GPRS), referred to as 2.5G (the 2.5 generation), is a subset of Global Systems for Mobile communications (GSM) technology that permits global use of devices, but is faster than those currently available and excellent for consumers who need to reach people and information on the go. GPRS efficiently converges voice and data access, which can be done concurrently for true multi-tasking capability. In addition, GPRS is referred to as being “always on” meaning that there is no need for the consumer to dial in to connect to the Internet, e-mail, or applications.

“GPRS introduces an unlimited range of new data services and applications with enhanced speed and immediate access. Motorola has taken the best of GPRS technology and tailored it for the consumer, for their business and personal needs,” says Frank Maw, President, Motorola Canada. “Pairing the technology with Motorola-developed features and attractive styling brings safe, fun, and inherently useful products to market.”

The distinctive GPRS phones include: the Timeport(TM) P7382/9i, the Timeport(TM) P280, the Talkabout® T193, and the V.Series(TM) V66. Two personal communicators, the V.Series(TM) V100 (GSM-based) and the Accompli(TM) A009 (GPRS-based), combine the features of a messaging device with a mobile phone for dual-communication functionality.