New Cassiopeia E-750 Featuring 200 MHz MIPS VR4131

New Cassiopeia E-750 Featuring 200 MHz MIPS VR4131


The E-750 features a MIPS VR4131 200 MHz processor, 32 MB ROM, 32 MB RAM and a 16-bit TFT display, along with a CompactFlash Type II slot. Aside from these hardware specs there are none too interesting new features in the E-750, so it looks like one could call it an upgraded and perhaps more professionally targeted PocketPC.

As usual with PocketPCs, it has the built-in speaker, the audio out jack and an IrDA 1.2 compliant IR port. Also common nowadays is the USB port, but there is also the unusual option of connecting a PDC or cdmaOne module to the serial port of the device, allowing it to use the device as a communicator. Unfortunately, Casio has not supplied any further details about the serial connectivity, so we’re left in the dark for now.

The E-750 has grown a bit compared to its predecessor, the EM-500 (81.8 mm x 128 mm x 18.9 mm), and now measures 83.6 mm x 132.2 mm x 20 mm. The weight is approximately 250 grams according to Casio, which is very heavy compared to other devices on the market – even the EM-500 doesn’t weigh more than 218 grams. The weight increase might be blamed on the battery though, since Casio promises that the E-750 has a battery lifetime of 10 hours.