Industry’s Smallest Portable LCD Projector Capable of Continuous Multiple Wireless Presentations

Industry’s Smallest Portable LCD Projector Capable of Continuous Multiple Wireless Presentations


Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., best known for its Panasonic brand products, today announced the introduction of its new ultra-portable LCD projector, the Panasonic TH-L712NTJ, that makes multiple wireless presentations a reality. It will be launched in the Japanese market on August 1, 2001 at a price of 7,000 USD. Shipment for overseas is scheduled for August 2001. This product will be exhibited at INFOCOMM INTERNATIONAL 2001 to be held in Las Vegas from June 13 to 15, 2001.

Weighing in at just 4 kg, the Panasonic TH-L712NTJ is the industry’s smallest projector to enable wireless presentations. By simply inserting a wireless LAN card (sold separately) into a personal computers, data can be transmitted using the industry-leading and popular IEEE 802.11b standard. This new projector helps to overcome physical limitations such as number of input terminals and cable length. True interactive presentations is now possible as well. Anyone who can transmit data from their personal computer will now also be able to project image data directly from their machine right to the screen and become an active participant rather than just a passive viewer in the presentation.

Two types of application software are provided, Wireless Manager and JPEG Converter, to aid in better managing the data transmitted back and forth in wireless presentations. Wireless Manager can not only transform screenshots from multiple machines into still image data and send it to projector, but can also display all the still images in a file in any desired order. JPEG Converter can be used to create a data file of still images from Microsoft PowerPoint data. Multiple pages can now be processed with ease using these software packages.

The TH-L712NTJ also features a high contrast ratio of 400:1 and a brightness of 1600 ANSI lumens. This enables high quality DVD and video motion images to be displayed with high brightness and sharp resolution, even with the room lights on. By using the lamp power supply in low mode, lamp life can be extended up to 4,000 hours, which helps realize an extremely quiet fan of just 28 dBA as well.