Matsushita Electric Launches Industry’s First Portable Car Navigation System with a Detachable...

Matsushita Electric Launches Industry’s First Portable Car Navigation System with a Detachable Display


Panasonic today announced the introduction of the world’s first portable navigation system with a detachable display, the Panasonic KX-GP1 and KX-GP1Z, that can also be used as a portable navigation system for those on foot. The KX-GP1 will be launched in the Japanese market on July 1, 2001 at a price of $1199.00 USD

The Panasonic KX-GP1 offers a wide range of features. The detachable 5.8-inch display enables multi-use flexibility not only as an in-vehicle navigation device but also as a portable navigation tool for those on foot, complemented by a rechargeable battery and GPS antenna. Only 410 grams and a small 96 x 166 x 21 mm, the display unit can clearly show map information along with selected direction and indicated distance data, all downloaded from the main unit and stored in memory. The built-in rechargeable battery can last 1.5 hours, or up to four hours when used with an optional rechargeable battery pack (sold separately). Text to be displayed on-screen can also be easily input with a “touch” pen and touch keyboard, a more user-friendly approach than with conventional models that require a remote control keypad for input.

The new KX-GP1 is also the world’s first of its kind to incorporate an SD memory card slot that enables easy data storage of items such as maps, screenshots of Internet homepages, e-mail messages, and address information. The unit also integrates an audio playback function with Advanced Audio Coding compression method realizes high quality playback of sound stored on the SD memory card, sold separately. The Panasonic KX-GP1 also incorporates a unique communication function-a detached display that can be used as an Internet terminal when connected to certain types of mobile handsets.

The advanced KX-GP1Z model incorporates a VICS-enabled TV tuner and can be used as a portable television with captioned FM multiplex broadcasting. Information such as traffic updates can conveniently be received and displayed on-screen.