Sony Advances Digital Photography with its first 4.1 Megapixel Digital Camera

Sony Advances Digital Photography with its first 4.1 Megapixel Digital Camera


Sony Electronics today announced its first digital still camera with a 4.1 megapixel CCD (Charged Coupled Device), the new Cyber-shot® DSC-S85 camera. To maximize the benefits of the new high-resolution CCD, this new model incorporates superior optics and enhanced signal processing technology.

The new Cyber-shot model features a precision Carl Zeiss® Vario-Sonnar zoom lens with a 3x optical and 6x precision digital zoom, taking full advantage of the exceptional resolution to deliver a sharp, highly detailed image. This model also offers a Digital eXtended Processor (DXP) 14 bit A/D converter, providing for more accurate capture of detail– particularly in highlights and shadows.

“The DSC-S85 camera opens the door to yet another segment of the digital camera market, providing the feature-rich answer for people who have waited to purchase their first digital still camera and for those who want to upgrade their current digital camera,” said Takashi Kondo, senior vice president of Sony Electronics’ Digital Imaging Product Division. “It produces larger, more refined photo enlargements while retaining excellent resolution.”

Advanced Feature Set

To insure accurate focus, even in dark conditions, an AF illuminator light briefly illuminates subjects to allow positive focus lock. A three-frame burst mode captures three full-resolution images at up to two frames-per-second to capture fast-moving subjects.

Alternately, automatic exposure bracketing captures three full-resolution images, each at different exposure values, to capture the best exposure possible. Bracketing increments can be adjusted at 1/3, 2/3 or one full exposure value, as needed.

Innovative Copy Function

The DSC-S85 camera is Sony’s first model to use internal memory as a Memory Stick®-to-Memory Stick copy function for seamless data transfer and easy sharing. The copy function allows users to capture images on a Memory Stick, hold them temporarily on internal memory, and then copy the images onto another Memory Stick.

“Following the success of last year’s acclaimed DSC-S70 camera, we have raised the bar for digital imaging value and performance with our recently introduced DSC-S75 and our new DSC-S85 models, establishing the s-series Cyber-shot digital cameras as a new standard in the industry,” Kondo added. “We anticipate that these two models will be two of the best selling digital still cameras this year.”

The Cyber-shot DSC-S85 camera also includes:

Carl Zeiss™ Lens – Carl Zeiss lenses have an advanced optical multi-layer coating offering less glare and flare with increased contrast. This results in vivid image brilliance, true-to-life color saturation and perfect renditions of subtle tones.

1.5″ Precision LCD – This LCD display has a 123k pixel count that enhances the detail of pictures that appear in the screen, making displayed images sharper and more true-to-life.

ClipMotion – Sony’s exclusive GIF animation feature, ClipMotion allows users to take up to 10 pictures that the camera automatically combines to make a single ClipMotion animation file. The ClipMotion file is smaller in memory size than a standard MPEG movie for easier e-mailing.

Versatile File Formats – Files can be saved in several ways: JPEG, TIFF (Tagged Image Fill Format) for higher quality images, GIF for text mode and two different MPEG options for motion video and sound – MPEG HQ (High Quality) and MPEG EX (Extended). MPEG EX captures 160×112 or 320×240 video continuously, up to the capacity of the Memory Stick media in use. Users can capture up to 90 minutes of continuous video utilizing a 128MB Memory Stick.

InfoLithium® Battery with AccuPower™ Meter System – One battery charge lasts up to 2.5 hours in shooting mode and up to 2,500 shots. Sony’s exclusive AccuPower meter continuously displays the battery time remaining, in minutes, on the LCD screen.

Supplied Accessories – These include a 16MB Memory Stick media card, an NP-FM50 InfoLithium battery, an AC adapter/charger, an A/V output and USB cables, and an application software/USB driver CD-ROM.

The DSC-S85 model will be available in August for about $800. The DSC-S75 model is currently available direct at or on store shelves for about $700.