Psions Concept Halo

Psions Concept Halo


Psion has developed concept device, called HALO, it is a projection communicator that is designed to be worn around the neck. Like the ACE, the HALO uses the Symbian OS, but rather than using a screen it projects images onto any suitable surface such as the palm of a hand, a table top or a wall.

The HALO doesn’t act only as a projector, but also has integrated functions such as a digital camera and wireless connectivity to a mobile phone network – and speaking of wireless, there’s also Bluetooth support. What’s really special is that the HALO is controlled by voice through the throat microphone, and although it’s a wonderful idea we view the ACE as a much more likely device to show up in the shelves somewhere in the next five years, more on this further down.

Additionally, the HALO has a speaker and a docking station for recharging.

As you can see, the concept devices from Psion barely resemblances anything else you’ve seen on infoSync this far – and we can also guarantee you that we haven’t seen anything else like these concept devices anywhere else. The shere concepts are impressing, but if we were to pick which one is most likely to succeed (and thus appear in store shelves), it would be the ACE device.