Nokia 9290 Communicator to Debut in the Americas

Nokia 9290 Communicator to Debut in the Americas


Combining a vivid, active-matrix color screen with the Symbian operating system (Symbian OS, Crystal category), Nokia (NYSE: NOK) today announced plans to preview the future of mobile multimedia in the Americas market with the Nokia 9290 Communicator (GSM 1900). Today’s announcement at the annual JavaOneSM Conference also highlights Nokia’s support for the Java standard and the Java developer community, with the Nokia 9290 Communicator being Nokia’s first product in the Americas to include PersonalJavaTM, allowing for any number of third-party software solutions. Following the introduction of the Nokia 9210 Communicator for European and Asian markets, Nokia has announced Java platforms for developers worldwide. The product is expected to be available through numerous distribution channels during the first half of 2002.

“The Nokia 9290 Communicator demonstrates Nokia’s commitment to not only provide unique, innovative products for our customers, but to do it using open standards, such as the Symbian OS, Java and SyncML’ said Paul Chellgren, vice president of business development for Nokia. “Using the platform that the Nokia 9290 Communicator provides, numerous applications, ranging from business to entertainment can be implemented, allowing the user to customize their Nokia Communicator to their individual needs.’

Incorporating the ability to send and receive images, sound and video clips, the Nokia 9290 Communicator is the first product announced in the Americas to reveal the next steps toward Multimedia Messaging. With over 200 billion short text messages (SMS) expected sent during 2001, Multimedia Messaging will build upon this success by adding rich content to messages, making this form of communication more unique and personal.

The Nokia 9290 Communicator is a fully integrated mobile terminal combining phone, fax, e-mail, calendar, and imaging functionality. Internet access is possible via both a WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) and a HTML-based WWW browser, which also supports frames. Along with included word processing and spreadsheet applications, support for many of the most used PC applications, including viewing and editing of Microsoft Word and Excel documents, and a PowerPoint viewer, is built in to the Nokia 9290 Communicator. Included SyncML support allows for seamless synchronization of contact, calendar and to-do information across SyncML enabled PC’s, PDA’s, mobile phones and other devices.