NEC Computers Inc. Introduces New MobilePro 790 Handheld PC

NEC Computers Inc. Introduces New MobilePro 790 Handheld PC


NEC Computers Inc., a leading provider of mobile, desktop and server computing solutions for the enterprise market, today announced the MobileProTM 790, the newest addition to NEC’s family of MobilePro handheld PC computers (H/PC). Building on the success of the award-winning MobilePro 780 H/PCs, the ultra-light MobilePro 790 H/PC is designed for enterprise customers whose mobile platform priorities are instant-start, large keyboard, touchscreen, and reduced total cost of ownership. To increase reliability of applications in the field, a 16MB built-in flash storage partition (in addition to the standard 32MB RAM) is provided for permanent installation of customer software and storage of customer data. The protected flash storage area does not require battery power to maintain data integrity.

“The MobilePro 790 doesn’t require painfully slow handwriting recognition or hunt-and-peck typing. It doesn’t need hours of battery power to maintain information stored in the flash partition. The MP790 is a complete computer solution stored in a handheld device,” said Duane Cowgill, senior product manager at NEC Computers Inc. “Users can get applications like e-mail, presentations, Web access and PIM functions plus a host of other improvements that allow the deployment of mission-critical applications with ease-of-use style.”

MobilePro 790 H/PC
The MobilePro 790 H/PC provides on-the-go utility with Microsoft Windows for Handheld PC 2000, operating system version 3.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer for Handheld PC (version 4.01), Microsoft Pocket Outlook® (Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Inbox), Microsoft Pocket Word, Excel, PowerPoint®, Access, Microsoft Windows Media Player for Handheld PC, Microsoft Voice Recorder, and Microsoft Terminal Server Client. The built-in 16MB flash ROM, with 14MB of protected storage area for customer software and data, gives enterprise applications more storage and freedom from data or software loss in the event of battery depletion.

Vertical Applications
A range of vertical markets, including retail, real estate, insurance, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries can benefit from the MobilePro 790 H/PC’s touch-screen, instant-on capabilities and easy mobile data entry and transmittal. The MobilePro 790 is well suited for a host of business applications, from healthcare professionals prescribing medication for patients to field representatives consulting a sales database.

A lightweight PC companion, the MobilePro 790 weighs only 1.8 pounds and measures 9.6″ (W) by 5.2″ (D) by 1.1″ (H). It offers a brilliant 8.1″ 64K1 color half-VGA display (640 x 240 resolution). The system also features NEC Electronics’ fast 168MHz VR4121TM 64-bit MIPS® microprocessor, a built-in 56K2 v.90 modem for connecting to enterprise or Internet services, and type II CompactFlashTM and type II PC card slots for expandability. The MobilePro 790 H/PC incorporates a large 78-key keyboard, with center-to-center alpha key pitch of 92 percent scale for input intensive field applications.

Pricing and Availability
The MobilePro 790 H/PC is available now for $ 899 (US) or $ 1,384 (Canada) through select resellers and distributors. For reseller and distributor locator or more information, please contact NEC Computers at 888-632-8701.