Jobo Digital Album Stores upto 20 Gigs of Images

Jobo Digital Album Stores upto 20 Gigs of Images


Today’s digital camera users face difficult problems storing, viewing and organizing their digital images. There are usually many categories of images used for personal projects, and even more if photography is your profession.
Most digital cameras store images on media such as CompactFlash, SmartMedia or Memory Sticks. These temporary storage devices are too expensive as a permanent storage solution. Before the Digital Album, you would need to download your images from these temporary storage media to your computer to manage and view them. This works fine when you have access to your computer, and it works OK if you own a laptop or PowerBook computer — but there is a better solution.

The Digital Album is designed as a total solution for experts and novices alike. It will open up the world of digital photography to be more convenient and accessible to everyone. With the Digital Album, you can concentrate on your creativity instead of your computer. It is the one and only ideal companion to today’s high MegaPixel digital cameras.

The Digital Album is a palm-sized, stand-alone device, integrated with a high capacity 10GB hard disk, incorporating image retrieval, viewing and direct printing capabilities. The Digital Album is portable enough for digital camera users to carry out into the field. Users can quickly and conveniently download images from their camera’s storage media into the Digital Album with a simple button operation. The Digital Album has enough capacity to store thousands of high-resolution images, all of which can be printed, viewed on any television monitor with a yellow Video Port, or viewed and managed from your PC or Mac computer.

Stop shooting at lower resolutions just to conserve storage space. Storing the highest possible resolution translates into better quality prints now and in the future. In addition, the Digital Album allows users to direct print digital images to photo-quality ink-jet printers without the need of general-purpose computers. For advanced users, the Digital Album can communicate with PC or Mac systems through a USB port, appearing just like another disk drive. The possibilities of digital photography with the Digital Album are endless.