XYBERNAUT® and Texas Instruments Developing Speech Recognition for Xybernaut’s Wearable Computers

XYBERNAUT® and Texas Instruments Developing Speech Recognition for Xybernaut’s Wearable Computers


Xybernaut Corporation, the leader in wearable computing solutions, announced today that it has entered into a software license agreement with Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI). This agreement contains three separate licenses that provide Xybernaut with access to TI’s speech recognition source code, the right to adapt, develop and bundle an executable version of that code with Xybernaut wearable computing products and the right to sell the resultant product exclusively within Xybernaut’s “field of use” and non-exclusively outside that field.

“The relationship between TI and Xybernaut launches both companies into a new generation of speech-centric, wireless computing and communications devices,” said Edward G. Newman, Chairman, President and CEO of Xybernaut Corporation. “We are excited to be integrating the DSP technology into our newest wearable system, to be launched at the upcoming International Conference on Wearable Computing (ICWC).”

TI and Xybernaut demonstrated a TI programmable DSP-based speech recognition solution in November at Comdex 2000. Xybernaut’s Mobile Assistant® IV integrated the TI TMS320C5000™ DSP Starter Kit running TI’s software and demonstrating a unique robust speech recognition solution.

To further the initial technology development and marketing agreement announced May 15, 2000, Xybernaut has incorporated TI’s TMS320C5000™ DSP platform into its newest generation of wearable computers. The ultra-low power C5000™ DSP platform is currently used in cellular telephony, internet audio and digital still cameras to highly optimize processing intensive, real-time applications such as worldwide wireless communication, speech recognition and streaming media. This is the first time it has been used in a mobile wearable computer.

“We are excited to be the first to provide DSPs to the wearable computing marketplace. Our programmable DSPs are critical to the advancements in speech and video input/output, and to the portability and practicality of people connecting with these types of products,” said Gene Frantz, senior fellow and new business development manager at Texas Instruments. “The TI DSP is a perfect match for Xybernaut’s mobile wearable computer because it provides the power-efficient performance and small size required.”

“TI’s programmable DSPs will provide Xybernaut with the capabilities to optimize both speech and wireless communications as we move forward. TI is therefore providing the DSP software for a totally integrated speech solution for our current and future mobile wearable computers,” added Newman.