Latest GoBook Goes Faster With Pentium III 700Mhz Processor

Latest GoBook Goes Faster With Pentium III 700Mhz Processor


Itronix Corporation, a world leader in the design and manufacture of ruggedized, wireless mobile computing solutions, today set the new power standard in rugged mobile computing as it debuted the new GoBook™ rugged wireless notebook with Pentium“ III 700Mhz processor. Already the world’s fastest wireless notebook, the GoBook now becomes an even more powerful tool for mobile workers requiring the utmost in ruggedized toughness, versatility, and computing performance.

“Itronix has taken a huge step forward in wireless computing technology with the new Pentium III 700Mhz GoBook,” said Jeff Gibbons, Itronix VP/Marketing. “As CPU speed increases, so does the noise it generates, causing problems in a notebook computer if the computer is equipped for wireless use. Itronix has been able to create a new and proprietary form of shielding that protects the GoBook’s onboard wireless modem. That shielding, plus an innovative case design and high performance antenna, enables the GoBook to offer both scorching 700Mhz speed and the ultimate in long-distance wireless communications.”

In addition to its faster processor and onboard wireless capability, the new GoBook offers unparalleled versatility and the highest levels of toughness in its class. Standard in every GoBook is Itronix CRMA™ (Common Radio Module Architecture, or “Karma”), a modular radio technology that allows end users to swap or upgrade wireless modems themselves without sending the unit in for depot servicing.

The GoBook also can take the most demanding indoor and outdoor environments, including 4″ per hour of driving rain for extended periods, repeated drops from a height of three feet. It operates at temperatures from –10 degrees to +140 degrees Fahrenheit. GoBook meets 810E military standards for dust, vibration, and impact resistance.

Award-Winning Architecture
The Itronix GoBook, which won the “Best New Technology” award for wireless devices at the nation’s largest government IT show, FOSE 2001 (Federal Office Systems Expo—see March 21, 2001 release, has become a major marketing success for the company. It has won major sales contracts from world-class corporate customers such as Sprint and Verizon and is quickly becoming a standard for field technician workforces and mobile workers of all kinds.

The GoBook connects to all major wireless networks via integrated radio options including BellSouth Wireless Data, CDPD, GSM, Motient, or Wireless LAN. GoBook’s mini-PCI module supports both 56K V.90 fax/modem as well as combo 56K V.90 fax/modem and 10/100 MB Ethernet LAN for reliable connectivity to landline and enterprise networks.

Configurations on the Itronix GoBook include a shock-mounted 10 or 20 MB hard drive, up to 256 MB SDRAM with integrated L2 cache and Intel SpeedStep Technology, 12.1″ SVGA TFT color display, and three-button touchpad navigation. Hard drives, memory, and keyboards on the GoBook are all field-upgradable. A Smart 5400 mAH (58.3W) lithium-ion battery pack is also standard.

High-performance wireless technology
Itronix’ pioneering onboard shielding has been proven to protect the GoBook’s PCMCIA and OEM radio modules better than any competing product. In radio performance bench testing, the GoBook generated 25% less noise, enabling users to communicate clearly over a much wider coverage area and across greater distances.

“Wireless notebook users are often in fringe coverage areas, which includes not just areas outside cities, but also in-city locations that are between cells,” said Gibbons. “For police, fire, and other safety workers this is an issue of critical importance, not to mention the annoyances that plague any wireless user. For high-quality communication over the maximum geographic area, the GoBook is in a class all its own.”

Strong, Lightweight, Convenient
Weighing in at just 7.5 pounds—no more than most mainstream laptops—the Itronix GoBook is both lightweight and durable, making it the ideal notebook companion for technical workers on the go. Its ultra-tough, magnesium case is equipped with a detachable carry strap for hands-free portability.

The GoBook’s fully waterproof NiteVue‘ glow-in-the-dark keyboard makes using the GoBook a snap, even in low light conditions. To make the Outdoor Colorvue display as user-friendly as possible, the unit offers an anti-glare surface and touchscreen capability. It also includes a 2X AGP 3D graphics engine with motion compensation, and support for 64-bit internal graphics acceleration with integrated 8 MB SGRAM. XGA is available through the external VGA port.

Extending its versatility and ease-of-use, the GoBook offers a swappable media bay with internal 24X CD-ROM, 8X DVD-ROM, or 3.5″ floppy drive alternatives. A PC card slot provides options for Type I, II, or III cards with 32-bit card bus and support for zoomed video. The computer includes PS/2 connector for external keyboard/mouse, 9-pin high speed serial port, a 25-pin ECP/EPP parallel port, 15-pin external video (CRT) port, and external speaker and microphone jacks.

Pricing and Availability
The new Itronix GoBook with Pentium III 700Mhz processor will be shipping in early June 2001, and will carry an MSRP of $4,845. For a full list of specifications as well as a list of resellers carrying the new Itronix GoBook, visit or call Itronix direct at 1-800-441-1309.