iPaq Can Double as a Phone with UGotACall Software

iPaq Can Double as a Phone with UGotACall Software


Compaq Computer’s iPaq handheld computer can now make local and international calls at domestic rates in Singapore. The new service is related to a deal between Singapore communications services company UGotACall and Compaq Singapore.

Targeted at the corporate market, companies must first install UGotACall’s server and its software for individual iPaqs. The main catch is that an office must be equipped with a wireless LAN (local area network). In addition, to make international calls, the recipient must install the server.

By installing the Virtual Intelligent Agent software on your PC/PDA, you will have instant access to a sophisticated backend system managed by UGotACall.

The system receives and stores all voice calls, faxes and voice messages. When you log onto the Internet, a visual Inbox will display all your message details. You can choose to read faxes or listen to voice messages in any order. As you are already logged on, you can also respond directly to those messages by calling through your PC/PDA.

This feature offers significant savings on toll charges while you are overseas since you will only be charged local connection fees.

If a call comes in while you are connected to the Internet, a screen will pop up to indicate an incoming call together with the caller’s number. You can choose to take the call, using a headset or the computer’s built-in microphone and speaker, or send the call to voicemail. If you are offline, voice messages and faxes will be stored until you reconnect. Remember, with Virtual Service, you are in always in touch, and always in control.