MiTAC Unveils the Latest Wireless GETAC Ruggedized CA 25 IP52 Tablet PC

MiTAC Unveils the Latest Wireless GETAC Ruggedized CA 25 IP52 Tablet PC


MiTAC announced the debut of the latest wireless GETAC Ruggedized CA 25 Tablet PC featuring Industrial PC Standard IP52. This hand-help computer, non-fan and almost noiseless, is especially designed for the practical applications of warehouses, automobiles, vehicles, public security, repairing, handicapped assistant, and other demanding situations where conventional notebooks just cannot measure up. Customers are welcome to attest the excellence of GETAC Ruggedized CA 25 Tablet PC at Computex 2001, running from June 4 to 8 at the company’s Booth T101B at Taipei International Convention Center.

Light & Portable, Practical & User-friendly, Hand-help CA 25 – Missions Possible & Successful
Targeting at the industrial professionals, equipped with Magnesium Alloy case, the ruggedized CA25 is as light as 2kg and as small as 11″(W) x 9″(H) x 1.5″(D) mm – which means it is highly portable. This easy-to-carry machine is especially built to meet the most unfavorable conditions: temperatures ranging from 0¢XC to 45¢XC, humidity ranging from 5% to 95% RH non-condensing, altitudes up to 40,000 ft., vibration up to 10-55Hz/0.15mm, and 3 feet height free drop. GETAC CA 25 secures a standard of excellence, and is undoubtedly one of the lightest and easiest-to-carry PCs in the ruggedized category. This practical Tablet PC allows industrial professionals successfully take up and fulfil great missions that seemed to be impossible before!

Wireless transmission – A Combination of Data Connectivity with User Mobility
In addition to its built-in wireless keyboard receiver with a range of 3 meters, the Tablet PC CA25, added to its irresistible appeal to the public, is also provided with optional Wireless LAN (with standard IEEE 802.11b), which is more and more widely recognized as a general-purpose connectivity for a broad range of industrial and business professionals. The adoption of optional GSM and CDPD in GETAC CA 25 gives its users easy and efficient wireless access to the networking communication. Taken altogether, GETAC Ruggedized CA 25 enables industrial professionals to send and receive data from either fixed or mobile locations. Finally, this portable Tablet PC can also be used to combine data connectivity with user mobility, and allows industrial professionals of wireless transmission via Bluetooth (optional) and built-in IrDA (optional).

Key Features
The adoption of one-spindle PC architecture, Full PC99 and ACPI V1.0 in GETAC Ruggedized CA 25 IP52 Tablet PC allows industrial professionals of an efficient power management. Moreover, it supports Intel mobile Pentium III / Celeron processors at speeds reaching from 700MHz up to 850MHz. The system comes with standard 64MB RAM with expandability up to 256MB. This easy-to-use Tablet PC also features a whole spectrum of I/O ports such as RS-232, one USB running at speeds up to 12Mbps¡Ketc. Other options include X-Bay (exchangeable), Port Replicator, External Drive Kits, Wireless Keyboard, Car Adapter, 2 Battery Pack, Battery Charger, Car Mount, Carrying Bag and CCD Camera.

Furthermore, the newest GETAC CA 25, Sunlight Readable and Anti-glare, provides a Touch / Pen Input screen, 10.4″ XGA TFT LCD display with resolution 1024 x 768. It also has a full range of multimedia system. On the VGA side, it contains a 4MB display memory SGRAM type, affords 3D support, and has a Dual View Function – which means LCD and CRT can be displayed simultaneously. On the Audio side, it includes a built-in soundboard that is Sound Blaster Pro compatible, and contains a 16-bit sampling and a playback button. It also supports full duplex, has built-in one monaural speaker, and has a Microphone-in and Earphone-out plug.

In addition, the latest ruggedized CA 25 has many other features of importance and interest. For example, it adopts PCMCIA – including Type II x 1 and ZV / Cardbus, Storage – including, Shock-mount 2.5″ HDD¡Ketc. Other important features include Panel control buttons – such as Power button, Audio volume control, Brightness control, and Function key (F1, F2 and F3), LCD indicator, and an optional wireless multimedia keyboard with TrackPad.

MiTAC declares its determination to celebrate the excellence of GETAC Ruggedized CA 25 at Computex 2001. All visitors of Computex 2001, from June 4 to 8 are invited to discover the magic power and flexibility of GETAC Ruggedized CA 25 IP52 Tablet PC at the company’s Booth T101B at Taipei International Convention Center.