Samsung Markets Mobile Phone with Colour Motion Picture Capabilities

Samsung Markets Mobile Phone with Colour Motion Picture Capabilities


Samsung Electronics, the first company ever to commercialize a CDMA system, is now marketing the world’s first cdma2000 1x mobile handset with the capability to receive motion pictures in color. Development of Samsung’s VOD Phone was completed last December.

The handset supports video on demand (VOD), audio on demand (AOD) and other advanced functions slated for IMT-2000. Its availability is expected to spark intense competition among contents providers. Indeed, the breakthrough product is expected to play a leading role in the realization of IMT-2000 services in world markets.

The Color VOD Phone comes with a 2.04″ TFT-LCD that can reproduce clear motion picture images in 200,000 different color shades. The handset can send and receive text data wirelessly at up to 144Kbps as well as supports VOD and AOD. Thus, mobile access is possible to various contents services with color moving pictures such as music, videos, Internet broadcasts, animation, news reports and so on.

The handset is based on cdma2000 1x, the first next-generation wireless technology commercialized in Korea, and comes with a MPEG4 motion picture decoder and stereo player built in.

The high-performance color TFT-LCD used on the VOD Phone was developed and produced exclusively by the Samsung Electronics Semiconductor Division. It can display 12 lines of text at once and provides even better clarity than the current black-and-white versions. A separate memory is available to download motion picture clips for playback.

Windows User Interface enhances ease of use, while the built-in telephone directory can store up to 2,400 numbers. The handset can be linked to a PC to download customized icons, images, and ring melodies or to play Internet games in color.

The ultra-energy-efficient circuit design and optimized software combine to greatly extend battery life to provide ample time for viewing motion pictures in color.

The latest Samsung cellular phone presents significant change of the mobile technology by switching from the black-and-white display and transmission of data only to a color display and Video On Demand phone. Even more, by the introduction of the VOD phone in the market, the world will enjoy the IMT-2000 service, futuristic technology for the human being.

Samsung will market the new VOD Phone alongside an STN-LCD model that can reproduce 256 different colors. This move will help Samsung to maintain its leadership position in color mobile communications and to usher in the era of wireless multimedia.

The STN-LCD model works from the cdma2000 1x platform and can send and receive text data and color images at up to 144Kbps. It can be used to access games and various other mobile services and is expected to quickly replace handsets with black-and-white