MiTAC’s Bluetooth-Enabled PDA Gives Users Wireless Access to the e-World

MiTAC’s Bluetooth-Enabled PDA Gives Users Wireless Access to the e-World


MiTAC, a leading provider of enabling products for the e-lifestyle, recently unveiled Bluetooth-equipped PDAs with color screens. The new PDAs mark a breakthrough in handheld computer design, with significant advances such as fully integrated wireless connectivity, built-in radio-frequency Internet access, and a wealth of value-added features.

With the integration of Bluetooth technology and radio-frequency Internet access, MiTAC PDAs adds a comprehensive wireless connectivity package to an already dazzling handheld computer.Supporting either Windows CE or embedded Linux, MiTAC’s PDA comes with a full range of Personal Information Manager (PIM) applications, such as address book and scheduler, along with a number of exciting multimedia features. Robust data synchronization allows users to sync data on the PDA with their PC, with integration with Outlook/Outlook Express for added convenience.

Based on an Intel StrongArm 206Mhz CPU, MiTAC’s High-End WinCE based color PDAs use a back-lit 3.8″ color TFT LCD display, and includes a Compact Flash? slot. Their lithium ion battery provides up to 15 days of battery life on a single recharge. All this comes in a sleek, visually striking device measuring 78mm x 126mm x 17mm (WxHxD) and weighing as little as 188g.

PDAs have until now had to make compromises in order to achieve their diminutive size and affordable pricing-such as doing away with color screens, forgoing connectivity options, and so forth. MiTAC has achieved a perfect solution: compact, color, and connected!

Bluetooth connectivity
By incorporating Bluetooth technology, a hot new wireless data communications protocol that provides robust, high-speed, seamless connectivity between compatible devices, MiTAC’s PDA allows users to easily transfer data to and from Bluetooth-enabled computers and networks, send jobs to compatible printers, link with a Bluetooth mobile phone, and perform many other tasks directly from their PDA.

Color TFT display
Excepting WinCE based Mono PDA, , MiTAC’s models offer glorious color, making them suitable for viewing graphics-rich documents, video and animation, or playing games. Even more routine tasks like managing a schedule or taking notes are made more enjoyable and visually appealing through the rich color and crisp detail provided by the TFT LCD display on MiTAC’s color PDAs.

Flexible OS choices and broad functionality
With support for either Windows CE or embedded Linux, MiTAC’s PDA allows customers to choose either Microsoft’s popular PDA OS, or an optimized version of Linux, which provides advanced features such as robust multitasking. In addition to Personal Information Manager (PIM) applications, such as address book and scheduler, as well as the virtually unlimited resources on the Internet or the user’s own LAN, MiTAC’s PDAs offer exciting extras such as MP3 playback, voice recording and a media player, making them a true all-in-one handheld computer solution.

Easy expandability
As PDA users increasingly wish to extend the use of their handhelds to include handling video, MP3 and other resource-intensive formats, they will naturally require more memory to store the extra data. Here, MiTAC has given careful thought to user needs, and designed its PDAs with a convenient CompactFlash slot for exceptionally easy memory expansion. Besides, they also can expand I/O on CF card, such as LAN, Modem