Sharp to Launch LCD Monitor That Can Record TV Programs on PCs

Sharp to Launch LCD Monitor That Can Record TV Programs on PCs


Sharp Corp. unveiled a 15-in. LCD monitor that would allow users to record TV programs on a USB-connected Windows 98/Me PC called the “LL-M1550A.”

The LCD monitor comes with a built-in TV tuner and MPEG2 encoder that has been designed to enable TV programs to be converted into video data and transmit the data to a PC. It can display 16.77 million colors with 1,024 x 7,680-dot resolution. Although it is open priced, Sharp said the retail price will be around $1200 USD. It is to be available from June 22.

When LL-M1550A is used with a PC, it would allow the users to stop the display on the screen while recording a TV program, and also “rewind” the recorded data to watch the program again. For instance, if a user has to leave during the program, the user can pause the display and watch the rest of it later when the user returns.

If users want to reserve a program for recording, they are able to search the program through the free Web site called the “ON TV JAPAN” and simply click the reserve button.

The hard disk drive capacity required for recording, in the case of the high-resolution mode, is about 2.8GB for a 60-minute program. According to Sharp, the high-resolution mode has video quality equivalent to that of video deck recording. The video resolution of 720 x 480 dots is fixed. To perform a continuous recording of more than 4GB, it requires interruption of the recording once to create another file.