Real 3G Handsets

Real 3G Handsets


In around ten days the world’s first 3G handsets will start arriving at the hands of 4.000 testers. You do not have to wait that long to see the new phones. These look nothing like the mock-ups that have circulated in trade shows and selected locations.

P2101V by Panasonic, outwardly similar to the P503is, sports a camera that besides taking stills allows it function as a TV phone with other P2101V handsets.

N2001 by NEC, the standard phone, with an improved color screen and -like the P2101V- no external antenna.

P2401 by Panasonic, a PCMCI card designed for data transmission up to 384Kpbs downstream and 64K upstream.

Users will be able to talk AND access contents/eMail simultaneously. And while completely compatible with current i-mode contents, i-applis can grow in size from a max of 10K to 5OK.